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Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest Field

Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest Field

Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest FieldHer hair was like the tassels on the corn he had seen all of his life growing up

“Ha Ha mister, I won. Told you ya couldn’t not touch me.” She stuck her loli back into her mouth. I had to le.

He knew this was not a really romantic description so he kept it to himself but he couldn’t stop thinking it. Like golden sunshine and the ripe harvest.

It was a good time when he was young and a beautiful time so he saw it as a beautiful thing to compare her to. He however kept it to himself and just smiled. The drove along the endless highway through Kansas and never-ending corn fields sprawled out in all directions deepening the metaphor for him. She was beautiful and when she saw he was looking at her she smiled and his heart skipped a beat.

She was in a little sun dress that showed off her cleavage perfectly as they drove. Truckers honked periodically in approval. He laughed. He couldn’t be angry. . .if he saw her driving by. . .he’d want to let her know what he thought too. He reached over and took her hand and squeezed it. They were almost there.

The cool thing about the endless fields of Kansas corn is that certain exits off the highway lead to nothing but those endless fields. Nothing but miles and miles of fields and no people.